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StruxTravel is a full-service leisure travel agency specializing in custom-tailored trips for individuals, couples, families, friends, honeymooners, social clubs, seniors, reunions, student groups — anyone looking for an exceptional, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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At StruxTravel, you’ll enjoy a collaborative planning process with a trained, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic professional.
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Using a travel agent is no more expensive than booking a trip on your own. In fact, it’s likely we will save you money since we have exclusive access to wholesalers and travel consortia. We base our recommendations on our talks with you, as well as our expert knowledge of the travel industry and your destination.
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We’ll be your travel advocate — not only while planning and booking your trip, but also during your journey. You could try using an Internet search engine to book a trip on your own, but what happens when something goes wrong? We give you the person-to-person service before, during, and after your trip.


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I've used StruxTravel twice in the last few months - how nice to have travel agent again! Not only did it save me time and money, but they gave me some great suggestions for tours and activities I could do on my travels - some of which they were able to book for me, but some were free activities that are fun "local" things to do that a tourist or visitor might not know about. I highly recommend this service.

Leslie C.

I've used Strux Travel for tours and airfare and couldn't be more happy with the results. Their customer service rocks! I highly recommend their services. Not only are they courteous, but they find the best deals around!

Cyndy S.

We used Strux Travel to plan a very complicated trip around Spain and Portugal. They were so helpful in suggesting things we never would have thought of, and arranging flights, accommodations and car rentals. The thing that earned five stars though, is the following: When a lightning storm cancelled a connecting flight, and threatened to delay our trip for days, they worked into the night to find alternatives. You don't expect or get that kind of service very often these days. I'm going to use them for all future trips.

Darren K.

We used Strux Travel to plan our honeymoon to Quebec City, and they were awesome. We got great flights, a fantastic hotel room and they even booked us on several tours and river cruises and stuff. Highly recommended.

Diane S.

I'm a big fan of StruxTravel. They coordinated flights, got tickets to events, and created a clear itinerary for my family's 3 week trip in Europe. They relieved me of the stress of planning, while offering options I hadn't considered. I am grateful for all their services and will use them whenever I plan to travel again.

Cynthia R.

Strux is my favorite Travel agency service. I found the agent Michael to be very generous in terms of personal attention and speedy solutions. I told him two places I was interested in going, and the same afternoon, I was given 5 wonderful options, on and easy to read sheet which included pictures and pricing. Then when I chose one of the options, it was booked in no time, and I received great info about local activities, as well as a map and directions. All came in a neat folder with my reservation confirmations. Strux is simply top of the line, and extremely user friendly!

Susan H.

I used Strux Travel for my trip to Australia and China. They were amazing at finding activities for us to do, as well as the hotel and cars at great prices. I had not used a travel agent in a while and I will from now on. I always thought I could find the best deals myself on airfare, hotels, and cars, but I was wrong. Strux was able to find much better value packs for us at much lower cost and with way more activities than I had planned to do!. (I am home and exhausted! and couldn't be more thankful!)

Rob N.

Not only was Strux Travel great for pre-planning hotels, rental cars and excursions before traveling abroad, but they were great for any last minute changes and additions that we wanted while abroad. We had an idea for what we wanted to see and do, but Strux Travel was able to offer additional options that were above and beyond what we could have hoped in both price, value and experience. It's great to have a travel agent like Strux Travel instead of attempting it on your own having to filter through everything on the web; they did the hard work so that we could enjoy our vacation. Can't want to plan my next trip!

Garrett C.

I used Strux Travel to help with the trip I took to Thailand over Christmas. I had never used a travel agent before but it helped so much! First of all it just got the ball rolling with all of my plans. They encouraged me when I stalled out on making decisions (which is a good thing because I would have put off my decisions until the prices went up!) Then they offered some really impressive hotel options with great reviews, helped book flights and offered some tours while we were there. I was a little hesitant to book the tours because I generally think I can tour places on my own, but I'm so glad I did. We booked a really fun jungle rafting/elephant ride tour. In Thailand it turns out that it's awesome to pay people to take you to the out-of-the-way places. They helped me get travel insurance and checked up on me on my trip. I'll definitely use their services again and highly recommend them to anyone... especially if you are going somewhere REALLY foreign to you.

Bri D.

Look, we are all busy people - the last thing we want to do is wear ourselves out planning, of all things, our vacations! Strux Travel takes the stress out of comparing prices, hotels, flight times, connections, tours, etc. and works with you to put together the perfect getaway. They put the fun and relaxation back into your coveted vacay, and have lots of insight into things you never would have considered on your own. Not to mention, the customer service is awesome. Thanks, Strux Travel! We'll be back!

Ellen I.

StruxTravel was relentless in their efforts to match my (sometimes complicated) wishes for accommodations and tours while visiting Chile, Peru and Costa Rica. I explained that location and value were musts. In Santiago, I was booked in the perfect hotel in the middle of everything I wanted to do. The price was right while the service was outstanding. While in Peru, he located a comfortable hotel in Miraflores before my flight to Cusco. It was inexpensive and, again, located in the middle of everything. My stays in Costa Rica were ideal thanks to the incredible accommodations StruxTravel booked for me. At Manuel Antonio I had an ocean view and in La Fortuna I had a volcano view. Both places were incredible values. Before I left on my journey I was sent a helpful information packet that gave me ideas for things to do while visiting my destinations. Nice touch! I dislike logistics, pretty much more than anything and StruxTravel took that pain away from me. All I had to do was go and have fun...and I did!

Eric M.

Couldn't have been more happy with the great service I got from Strux Travel! My family and I went to the Canadian Rockies for some winter fun, and Strux made all the bookings easy and smooth. Plus, all of my communications with Strux were done via email (which was great because I strongly dislike talking on the phone with any human being except for my wife and son), and all subsequent changes made to our reservations for the trip were responded to instantly by Strux. I got "white glove" treatment and will use Strux for our next travel adventure!

Adrian H.

Thank you Michael for arranging an awesome trip to Cancun for Nick and I! We are having the best time. The weather has been perfect and the accommodations beautiful. We fall asleep to the sound of the waves crashing on the shore and awake to warm temperatures and a stunning view of the crystal clear blue ocean. Anyone who needs help planning and booking an upcoming vacation should definitely get in touch with Michael and let him do your planning for you! He was great to work with and very patient while attending to our wishes. Thanks again Michael!!


My wife and I just returned from an amazing trip to Italy. Michael Figueiredo of Strux Travel orchestrated our 2 week trek with true precision. From the moment we arrived in Florence to the return from Rome we were amazed that every detail was thought out and scheduled in detail. We visited Cirque Terra and were delighted with a great hotel and wonderful views. We then spent 5 days riding bikes through Tuscany with Backroads Tours then on to Positano on the Amalfi Coast for 4 days with the most spectacular view from our balcony that I have ever seen, then finishing up with an incredible tour of Rome. Michael was available to answer our questions and always kept us informed in the planning process. In my many years of travel this is the best service I have received. Michael and Strux have my biusiness for all my future travels.

Steven N.

Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put in towards our trip to Spain. We had a great time and you made it so easy for us. You were organized and prompt at getting back to me with any questions or concerns. I will highly recommend you as a travel agent. I know how much you love to travel and it is so nice to be able to share that with others. Thanks again!

Linda M.

I cannot say enough about just how fantastic Michael was in helping me with my trip to Hawaii! I am the girl who usually researches every trip herself, and plans every little detail on her own. So, for me to relinquish control to somebody else was really hard for me to do. I felt so overwhelmed with the options I had available to me, so I reached out to him, and he was able to put me at ease immediately. He presented me with a fantastic itinerary, and thought of every last detail for me...a few things that hadn't even crossed my mind! And he was so responsive to every email and call I made to him, and answered every question and concern I had. He suggested places for us to see and eat while we were there, and every suggestion he had was spot on! He made my vacation completely stress free, and I couldn't be more grateful to him. If you are in need of a travel agent, I couldn't recommend Michael more highly!

Christine S.

We had an AMAZING girls trip thanks to Michael! It was perfectly planned out and our hotel accommodations were exactly what we were looking for at just the right price. I definitely recommend Strux Travel and will be using them again soon!!!

Angie C.

Mike planned my family an amazing trip to Ireland. He found great hotels, handled all the airline and car reservations seamlessly (which was no small feat considering we were all coming from 6 different cities) and made the trip a wonderful experience. Mike knew all about the locations we were going and sent along recommendations for day trips as well as all the fun local highlights. I will 100% be booking my next vacation with him and could not recommend him more highly!!!

Stephanie N.

Michael at StruxTravel was great at helping my girlfriend (now fiance after my trip) in our efforts to get to Italy. He has by far been the best travel agent I worked with. Not only did he get a great job at getting our requirements but he did all the research and presented us with a variety of options and worked on us with every detail that we wanted and had phenomenal recommendations. Every piece was perfectly planned out and where we didn't want any specific plans he gave a variety of great recommendations offering a lot of flexibility on the trip.

Sven N.

Working with Michael was fantastic. He took care of everything we needed for a friend's bachelor party. From travel to accommodations, Michael found the the perfect fit for us in Cancun. He took the time to understand exactly what we needed and over delivered on professionalism and presentation. We'll be back, Michael!

Rohan S.

Working with Michael was terrific! He helped plan and organize our entire trip to Switzerland and we had a blast! The tours he recommended and we went on were lots of fun and the flights, hotels and transfers and train ticket purchasing and organization was all seamless, and amazing! We never could have pulled this trip off without him! He was kind and prompt and over all great! He helped make our trip a fantastic experience! We will absolutely be calling him for our next adventure!

Esther S.

My husband and I have used StruxTravel before and have always been very pleased with Michael's knowledge and prompt attention. However, on our current trip he really saved our vacation by going out of the way to help us. My husband forgot his garment bag in our hotel and didn't realize it until we were 6 hours away. The bag contained just about all of his clothes, including his suit for the wedding were attending that weekend. We called Michael and told him of our problem but our choices seemed pretty grim. We could have turned around and driven all the way back to collect the bag, but instead, Michael contacted FedEx and the hotel, and arranged for them to packed up his bag. FedEx then picked it up and delivered it in time for the wedding. You just can't get this kind of service from a search engine travel agent, only from a personal travel consultant. Thank you Michael and StruxTravel!

Cathy F.

I never realized the benefit of using a travel agency until we started planning our destination wedding. Mike got us an amazing deal that even the resort's sales department couldn't get us. He dealt with all the travel logistics so we could focus on the details of planning our wedding. He set up the bookings for our 60 guests so we knew exactly who was arriving when. At one point he was traveling in Mexico and stopped by the resort and took pictures for us! It was amazing working with someone so on top of it. A week before our trip, Hurricane Patricia rolled into Puerto Vallarta. When the news hit, we woke up to emails from Mike with a back-up plan for us (and our 60 guests)! We were fortunate that the hurricane missed our resort and the only change we had to make was pushing our flight and hotel dates which Mike handled seamlessly. I can't thank StruxTravel enough for making the travel portion of our destination wedding as stress-free as possible. We will be using StruxTravel time and time again! THANK YOU!

Lauren S.

Alma and I just want to take this moment to THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for putting together an amazing experience in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Rome. The entire trip was perfect from start to finish. We will definitely refer you to friends and family. Thanks again!

Jose V.

We recently went on a Paul Gauguin cruise planned by Michael Figueiredo of Strux Travel. The cruise was fabulous, very first class with tons of activities, delicious food and drink, and attentive crew members. Michael was excellent in preparing us for this trip. He booked it for us and advised us on shore excursions, and answered all our questions. I always felt like I could contact him anytime with my questions. I would highly recommend Michael for any travel plans. He is very knowledgeable and has many resources at his fingertips. He also contacted us during our cruise and afterwards to see what we thought of it. We would definitely let him plan another trip for us.

Judy T.

Looking over my travel documents for our upcoming trip to Spain and am reminded what a great travel agent Michael Figueiredo of StruxTravel is!! If you're scheduling a trip, I highly recommend him. He goes beyond - he even took a frantic call from me on Christmas Day on our way to Australia last year. Get out, see the world and let Michael plan your voyage!

Amanda M.

My husband NEEDED a vacation...and I didn't want to have to research on a daily best prices/best deals/etc...I went straight to a source that could arrange our travel from air travel, transports, accommodations and all the while making the experience seamless and effortless as it related to planning. I went to StruxTravel. Michael not only planned the trip, but he presented everything in such a professional manner with great attention to detail. And he didn't stop there....we were welcomed back from our vacation in the Dominican Republic with a thank you note in our mail box. We will use Michael and StruxTravel again in the future.....Now if he would have only packed and unpacked for me! :)

Vicki T.

We are so glad we had Michael plan our one month European Honeymoon adventure. He is incredibly good at his craft because he lives, breathes and thinks in terms of travel. What you get from looking up travel information on a website (say via TripAdvisor) is just that, information. What you get from Michael is intuition and deep industry knowledge/experience. Michael designs a trip for you after conducting a thorough analysis of your preferences, dreams and what you envision. He then presents options and puts everything into very cool, sleek software that outlines in detail your entire trip. We were really impressed to receive a package from Michael that included a beautifully bound itinerary, pop-up maps, hotel/activity vouchers and everything needed to make our trip smooth, seamless and easy. I highly recommend using Michael to plan your next vacation! We will not plan another trip without him again. Thank you so much for everything you did to ensure we had an amazing honeymoon!

Alapaki Y.

My husband and I were so happy to have Michael plan our England trip. He had such speedy responses and all of his recommended tours and accommodations we top notch without the expensive price tag! We will definitely be recommending Michael to all of our friends and family and will be using him again for our bigger trips as well! Working with such a well traveled person as Michael is was a HUGE benefit!

April R.

We will be sure to recommend Strux Travel to our friends and family. You provided us with far more than we could have imagined and helped us to be completely prepared. We felt so comfortable with all of our activities and check-ins. Having the serial bound itinerary was HUGE - thank you! We used it very often. Thank you again for everything!

Morgan and Kyle S.

I have used Strux Travel twice now for my travels. Michael has planned our trips to Brazil and Cuba. He is great at listening to your needs and then coming up with options that fit your requests. He is kind, prompt and thorough. He really takes all the hassle out of trip planning. I plan on using him for all my travel needs in the future.

Laura W.

Working with Michael Figueriredo and StruxTravel was a fantastic experience start to finish. He helped us plan a honeymoon in French Polynesia and holidays in Australia in a way we never would have been able to do on our own. He was super knowledgable about the areas, had excellent recommendations in terms of travel, lodging, activities, etc. He took time to really understand what we wanted and was consistently highly organized, professional, and just a joy to work with. He made the whole process seamless and easy and allowed for us, at the end of the day, to have one of the best trips we have ever shared together. We will work with him again and again and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to plan a trip!

Sam M.

Planning a trip abroad can be so time-consuming and confusing if you try it on your own, especially if you're a busy professional trying to fit it. StruxTravel takes all of that worry out of the equation. Michael is great at deciphering my nonsense questions and being super responsive. He answers every question as quickly as possible, even when he has to coordinate with people in other time zones to get the answer. He's got great connections and great taste, so no concerns about hearing one thing from your travel agent and finding out something different when you arrive. If Michael said it, you can pretty much count on it. Even in newly-available Cuba. Highly recommend relying on him for your travel needs.

Angela H.
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